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Q1. How do I get movies to ship once I've added them to my Queue?

Your selected movies will be saved in your queue list.  They will be shipped automatically under the arrangement of our system.  You only need to keep at least 10 movies (exclude coming soon titles) in your queue list that enables us to send you the next available disc quickly when we received your returned disc.


Q2. How to return the disc to MoviEx?

We have no required return dates and no late charge.  After watching the movie, please kindly put the disc into our prepaid return envelope and dropped into any postboxes nearby to return the disc to us.  We will send an alert e-mail to our menbers every times when we receive the disc from our members.


Q3. When will receive my disc after placing an order?

Normally, we will mail the next available disc to member's registered address in the same working day when we receive member's return disc.  By using postal service of the Hong Kong Post Office, the majority of sent-out discs will reach our members' homes in the next working day.  We will also send an alert e-mail to our members every times when we send the disc to our members.


Q4. How does the disc send to me?  Do I need to wait at home and receipt for the disc?

Our discs are all delivered by Local Surface Mail which distribute to your mail box as other ordinary mails.  Therefore, you DO NOT need to wait at home and receipt for the disc.


Q5. How can I know which movie is on the delivery?

You can log in our website and change or revise the movie's order in your queue list any time.  Our system will decide which available disc to send you by reviewing from both priority of your queue list and our stock.

Anyway, the sent-out movie must be your selection.  We will inform you the movie detail by e-mail every time when we send you the disc.  And you can also check it from “Renting Disc” in the column of “Rental History” at the page of “Your Account”.


Q6. Do members need to take the responsibility for the disc loss or damage during delivery?

Providing that the Hong Kong Post Office is stable and reliable, we will absorb the cost from any occasionally loss or damage during delivery under normal circumstance.

If these occasional matters were repeatedly happened to any particular member, we reserve the right to charge back the related expense about the disc loss or damage.  We will inform that member by e-mail in advance about the charge back.



Q7. If the disc is lost, damaged, or cannot play, what should I do?

Please kindly log-in to “Your Account” and click “Report Us” to inform us your problem.  We will handle the case immediately when we receive your message.  Member can also contact us by hotline (852) 51163037.


Q8. Are the rental prices of Blu-ray and DVD discs the same?

NO.  If you subscribe to a Blu-ray/DVD service plan, you can then rental both Blu-ray and DVD discs.  These plans are rather higher price than the DVD only plan.


Q9. How to count the monthly service plan?  How can I pay for the subscription fee?

The service plan effective date will be on the same day of being a successful MoviEx member.  (For example, you registered successfully as a MoviEx member on May 18.  Then, your subscription period is from 18th of this month to 17th of next month.)

If you choose the monthly subscription plan, you must register PayPal Auto-payment System with your serviceable credit card to pay for the monthly subscription fee during membership registration.  We will automatically charge your subscription fee from credit card on the first day of the subscription period until you give a termination request to your service plan.

If you choose the yearly subscription plan, besides PayPal Auto-payment System registration, we also accept bank deposit or cheque to pay for the yearly subscription fee.



Q10. Can I change my service plan?

Yes.  You can log-in to “Your Account” and use the function of “Change Service Plan” to change your ideal service plan.  The new service plan and subscription fee will be effective from next subscription period.



Q11. Can I terminate my service plan any time?

Yes, you can.  You can easily terminate your service plan online anytime by clicking “Cancel Subscription” after logging in.  The termination will effective immediately and there is no cancellation fee (except the unpaid fee).  You must return any renting discs within 7 days after termination.


Q12. Other questions about us?

If you still have some inquiry, you are welcome to contact us by below methods.:

MoviEx Ltd

Hotline: (852) 51163037 (Mon-Sat. 13:30~18:30)


Address: P.O.Box No.71113,  Kowloon Central Post Office,  Hong Kong.



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